The Leading Fintech Accelerator in Spain

More than 3,000 tested solutions

Innsomnia the leading fintech accelerator in Spain, was created in 2016 to respond to the huge change in the financial sector that was beginning to emerge at that time.

Since then we have consolidated our leadership by working for Spanish and international banks on large open innovation projects and helping financial institutions to innovate, digitize and co-create new products and services together with fintech startups.

This model of open innovation generates a rich collaborative ecosystem between large financial corporations and startups to jointly advance on new paths of innovation and disruption in the financial arena.



Innsomnia’s Fintech Galaxy consists of more than 1,000 startups that have developed an average of 3.5 fintech products already tested in the market. It is the biggest fintech community in Spain.


Acceleration Program, Blind Broker or a specific Demo Day are some of the solutions we offer to our Partners to help them in the digitalization of their organizations. There are solutions that cannot be found on the market, but generated as a result of our method.


Hybridization of internal and external talent to develop new models that make the financial institutions more competitive. The idea is to create flexible and independent cells capable of extracting the best from each of the two areas.

Success cases


Leaders in Virtual Assistants and chatbots
Innovation to capture new segments
Default Management

The development of Artificial Intelligence of our startups has allowed our partners to save up to one million euros.

Thanks to one of our startups, our partner managed to commercialize the first green bonds in Spain.

Offering their freelance clients the first virtual tax advisor, attracting new millennial users, student loans, etc. are already a reality for our partners.