We work with professionals in the sector that will help you and accompany you in the development and execution of your project to take it to the top and turn it into a successful company.

Alejandro Bernardo

I am a mechanical engineer who has become passionate about innovation and the creation of digital products. I love art in almost all its forms, from music to photography and I have always been following many passions at the same time. Now they all coincide in Nocodehackers, where we want to teach people that they can create without code and, where we create digital products for companies, also without code.

Pedro Bisbal

He defines himself as an “elementologist and mediocrity”. He supports entrepreneurs in subjects such as business creation and development, agile methods, marketing, finance, strategy and lately focused on productivity skills and high impact presentations.

Paco Bree

Professor and Director of Innovation Programs at Deusto Business School. He is also an artist and a recognized professional in the field of creativity and innovation. In addition to his academic contribution, he is an advisor to D+I, Inndux, Innsomnia and a regular contributor to different media such as Invertia EL ESPAÑOL, Cinco Días, El Mundo, ABC and La Razón.

Cristina Carrascosa

Tax lawyer and specialist in the cryptocurrencies and blockchain environment. She belongs to the working group of the Blockchain Observatory, created by the European Commission with the support of the Parliament.

Marcos García

Co-Founder of the company CONNEXT: Digital transformation of industrial marketing and sales.

Jose Ángel González

Agritech advisor

Martín Huete

Professional with long experience in the investment and asset management industry, and promoter of Wealthtech and Fintech initiatives in Spain in companies such as Caja España Fondos, Gesduero, Inverseguros, Skandia, Safei, Asesores Bursátiles and Allianz. Martín is also co-founder of Finizens, Vice President of the Spanish Fintech and Insurtech Association and founder of the Spiral Program, a collaborative project for the dissemination of financial culture.

Juana Lara

She is the expert consultant in Communication of the acceleration program of Bankia Fintech by Innsomnia. She is a partner at Lara & Antolí Comunicación, a comprehensive strategic communications consultancy. She has previously worked as a journalist in TVE and Onda Cero Radio, where she has directed news programs, and has advised other institutions in the field of communication such as the Generalitat Valenciana or RTVV.

Yair Levy

CEO of Salaryo, a startup based in New York and Israel and specialized in credit scoring solutions, which was a participant of the Third Call of Bankia Fintech by Innsomnia.

Ignacio Martínez

Manager with more than 20 years of experience managing national and international corporations, in multiple sectors, with a clear focus on pragmatism, results and the creation of human environments that stimulate the potential of its members.

Marisol Menéndez

Expert with more than 20 years of experience in the areas of Open Innovation, collaboration between startups and corporations especially in the fintech, digital and transformation world.

Eloi Noya

Speaker, entrepreneur and professor of Capital Markets, Fintech and Entrepreneurial Finance at ESADE. He is co-founder of Loanbook Capital, Barcelona Blockchain Consulting, Director of Innovation at Instituto de Estudios Financieros, advisor to Startups and companies at Wordstonumbers and Institutional Director at AltriaCorpo. He has also held executive positions at Caixa Catalunya.

Alexander Paruschke

Alexander Paruschke is Managing Partner of Apcore, an international strategy consulting firm. He has extensive international cross-sector experience in healthcare, insurance, banking and financial services. He is a digital transformation mentor and is the academic director of the postgraduate degrees Expert in Insurtech and Digital Insurance and Expert in eHealth and ICT in Health at UCJC.

Hector Reboredo

Multicultural leader, with global reach. Strongly focused on results, I am a trainer of motivated and customer-focused teams. Leader with great ability to adapt to different industries and market niches, having led organizations in the Vertical Transportation, Logistics, textile manufacturing, Plastics, Chemical and Petrochemical industries, having been in charge of individual countries or regions with more than 15 countries.

Paloma Roldán

Consultant in Design Thinking and Lean & Agile Coach with experience in several multinational companies in organizational and cultural transformation and innovation processes. Currently, Senior Agile Coach at BCG.

Carlos Velasco

Product Manager & Product Designer. Management and Design of digital products and services. People-centered design to build valuable products and impact the business. Design Thinking + Lean + Agile.