The Network of Colombian Banks is looking for Digital On Boarding solutions together with Innsomnia

ACH Colombia is the market leader as a technological provider of digital transfers thanks to the services of ACH Transfers; PSE, SOI and Transfiya. This company contributes to the growth, competitiveness and sustainability of market participants by facilitating access to the electronic exchange of transactions and information in an economic, transparent and secure way. ACH Colombia was created in 1997 as an Automated Clearing House, as a result of the interest of financial entities to improve and offer new services to their clients, through the existing networks at that time, thus facilitating the process of creating the company. Currently, the country’s financial entities are shareholders of the company, consolidating and providing an important boost to it.

We are looking for On Boarding solutions

ACH Colombia is looking for a new process of business On Boarding Digital (B2B)for its payment Integrators (Gateways), Companies and financial entities and at the level of users of the payment system PSE (B2C), so that it is a 360, global solution, that integrates and centralizes all the processes of validation and entry in its services.?

Therefore, it pursues a new tool that is agile, secure, usable, that mitigates risks and prevents fraud but at the same time considerably reduces management periods with an excellent user experience.

This On Boarding should allow a better knowledge of the user and client, through consolidating in a single repository alternative sources of information and generating an agile channel, especially for your business clients and users.

It must be a centralizing and reconciling solution, that adapts to the constant change that your clients demand, the regulations and that consolidates the leadership position of ACH in the financial ecosystem of Colombia.

This new On Boarding Digital should be supported by innovative technologies such as Blockchain, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, which allow it to be fast, guarantee the traceability of processes and the Digital Identity of companies, financial institutions and users.

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