Santalucía, an entity with almost 100 years of experience in the risk coverage affecting the family environment, is the origin and parent company of the Santalucía Group. Since 2016, Santalucía Impulsa has represented the Santalucía Group’s Open Innovation ecosystem, where different internal and external agents, such as entrepreneurs, employees, mentors, academics and experts, learn, collaborate and work on the creation of future value proposals for the Santalucía Group.

Focusing on the insurance market transformation, this ecosystem pursues collaboration through synergies that help to successfully face the changes demanded by current and future clients in the insurance market.

Join the insurchallenges of Santalucía Impulsa!

Santalucía Impulsa is looking for solutions or new value propositions to reinvent funeral and traveller insurance post-Covid19 by improving service provision, customer experience and process efficiency, always with a focus on digital transformation. 

InsurChallenge Funeral 2.0: Insurance of living

In the aftermath of COVID-19, new trends in death have emerged due to the cultural change that is taking place around the world.The pandemic has led us to new ways of saying goodbye after death and to naturalise and break with a taboo subject such as death. 

The Santalucía Group, a leading company in funeral insurance and end-of-life support, seeks to improve and provide added value in the design of this type of product in order to attract new customer segments from all cultures and generations: Silver Economy, Baby Boomers, Millenials, Generation Z, etc. 

This challenge aims to find products, services, processes or strategic alliances that respond to the new needs of society in its relationship model with death both during and after life. 

InsurChallenge Traveltech: Recovering the happiness of travelling 

The Santalucía Group knows how to care for and protect its policyholders, but always looks to go further. They look for solutions that provide new experiences for travellers in order to attract new customer segments from all cultures and generations:  Silver Economy, Baby Boomers, Millenials, Generation Z, etc.

The pandemic has changed everything and new trends have emerged in the way of enjoying a trip due to the cultural change that is taking place around the world. Therefore, following the motto “recovering the happiness of travelling,” Santalucía Impulsa is launching a new challenge for the entrepreneurial ecosystem, whose main objective is to complete the offer of existing products and services for all types of travellers, in the context of the new normality. 

The Santalucía Group understands that the travel experience is defined by a multitude of factors and particular needs, which are determined according to: traveller profile, number of companions and their relationship with them, destination, purpose of the trip, logistics, safety, health, assistance, experiences, price, time available, transport, memories, traceability of the entire end-to-end process, etc. In short, they want to build a new paradigm of the travel experience that is attractive to customers or potential customers.

The leading Insurtech program

In the first launching of challenges by Santalucía IMPULSA in colaboration with Innsomnia a total of 97 applications were received from 8 countries and 13 different verticals.

The program was formed by a total of 7 teams: 5 startups and 2 intrapreneurship teams, which were able to develop a prototype for the company with the aim of achieving an alliance and collaboration with santalucía.