Open Insurtech

The biggest Insurtech Club in Spain

From Innsomnia we have promoted the first Insurtech club in Spain, the Open Insurtech Hub, providing corporations with the best ranked startups in the sector. Leading companies related to the Insurance sector such as Santalucia, CESCE, Howden Iberia or Logalty and Informa D&B, trust Innsomnia to adopt the latest innovations to their core business, streamlining their processes, providing new business models, offering new products and services or improving their relationship with the client.

With Innsomnia, our partners have the opportunity to adopt innovative solutions assuming small risks, reducing implementation times and taking a relevant role in the decision making process.



Innsomnia’s Fintech and Insurtech Galaxy consists of more than 1,000 startups that have developed an average of 3.5 fintech and insurtech products already tested in the market. It is the largest insurtech community in Spain.


Acceleration Program, Blind Broker or a specific Demo Day are some of the solutions we offer to our Partners to help them in the digitalization of their organizations. There are solutions that cannot be found on the market but are generated as a result of our method.


Hybridization of internal and external talent to develop new models that make the financial institution more competitive. The idea is to create flexible and independent cells capable of extracting the best from each of the two areas.

I call

More than 170 projects from 8 countries

The first call of the Open Insurtech Hub was a complete success. More than 170 startup projects competed to provide the best solutions for our clients. Currently, 100% of the selected companies are developing an MVP for our partners.