The largest open innovation ecosystem

More than 2000 startups work with us

We analyse and provide the verticalization of innovation through technology. As a result, when a startup joins Innsomnia’s ecosystem, we work together to discover a new world of opportunities. Innsomnia’s ecosystem is made up of more than 2,000 startups. More than 38% are international from more than 50 countries.

We love entrepreneurs and young startups in a very early stage of development. However, the core of our portfolio is made up of consolidated companies/startups.


No equity

We do not invest capital in return for a stake in a startup We provide all the tools to grow without interfering in their decision making

Internationalization opportunities

Internationalize through The Talent Route, the first International Accelerator Network promoted by Innsomnia together with ICEX. We also encourage initiatives such as the European Fintech Discovery Program in Spain.

New clients and connections with new partners

Co-create, grow and consolidate. Every startup that joins our Hub and is selected has the possibility to grow with an average of three other corporations

Growth and scale up

We help startups grow in an organic way, to mature and scale up.


We offer bilingual training to our startup community, tailored in each case to the current stage of the company, through our own platform with expert trainers who possess a wide knowledge of both the innovative ecosystem and the subject they teach.


A professional team from each area (fintech, insurtech, industry, agro-industry, Smart ports, etc.) supports the startup in their development of the Proof of Concept”.

Value Added Services

Legal, marketing and communication support, online management in accounting, tax, commercial or personnel administration are some of the services offered under preferential conditions to the startups of our Hub.

Technological Credits

Our technology partners offer discounts and preferential credits to the startups in our ecosystem.


Innsomnia uses its own platforms to provide visibility to the startups that participate in our acceleration programs.

A unique workspace

Whether it’s on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea or on Gran Via in the heart of Madrid, we offer unique workspaces equipped with all the necessary services, creating an ecosystem of international talent

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From startup to scale-up

Our startups become stronger thanks to our programs and the new opportunities derived from the collaborative and co-creation model of Innsomnia. Some of these startups have experienced a qualitative leap that have transformed them from small projects to growing and scaling exponentially. These examples demonstrate the success of the Innsomnia model, which encourages startup-corporation and collaboration while promoting the consolidation of early projects through organic growth.

An international environment

As an international reference hub, Innsomnia allows our startups (in the search for new opportunities) and our partners (in the search for talent and results) to enter other markets and ecosystems


What areas do we specialize in?

We have two different areas of strategic management in which we have accumulated a great deal of experience. We have professional experts in each area.

Leaders in Fintech and Insurtech

Industry 4.0 and Tradetech