AgroFoodTech Ecosystem Program

Do you want to be part of the 100 best startups of the AgroTFoodTech Program of Spain?

Be part of the AgroFoodTech program

Do you want to be part of the 100 best AgroFoodTech startups in Spain?

Innsomnia, in collaboration with Disruptores, the reference medium in innovation, digitalization, startups and belonging to the El Español newspaper, we are going to create a stable and leading AgroFoodTech Ecosystem in Spain. And we want you to be part of it. We select the 100 best startups in the country to create a commercial portfolio that we will present to the 100 most cutting-edge companies in the AgroTech and FoodTech sector in Spain. You will also do pitch-decks for potential investors to obtain financing, perks, etc… Register with Innsomnia. Take the EOI acceleration program, and once you pass it, you will become part of this exclusive community

Candidacies may be submitted until 07/31

Limited places!


What are you going to get?

We select the 100 best startups for a portfolio in Disruptores

Exclusive events: Attendance at South Summit, VDS, DES

It will be sent to the leading companies in the AgroFoodTech sector in Spain

Support for obtaining public aid and subsidies

Quality mentoring and certification of the EOI program

Access to international markets. Locations in Miami and LA.

Bimonthly report from Inndux Agro, generative AI tool

A Demo-Day with potential leading investors in the sector

Presentation in regional hubs, sectors and banks, among others…

Perks with Hubspot, Microsoft and Immune, among others…

Our expertise in the AgroFoodTech sector

Leading the Agrobank Tech Digital Innovation program of Agrobank (Caixabank)

AgroBank Tech Digital INNovation 2nd Edition

AgroBank Tech Digital INNovation 2nd Edition is an indirect open innovation program in which, with the experience and knowledge of AgroBank and Innsomnia, five major strategic challenges are proposed to respond to the needs of the agri-food sector.

AgroBank Tech has consolidated its position as the main reference in digitalization throughout the value chain of the agricultural industry to boost its competitiveness and sustainability.

Innsomnia is an accelerator, specialized in digital co-creation processes between technology startups, corporations and SMEs, has exhaustively analyzed the main needs of the agricultural sector to pose the strategic challenges that this industry requires.



Innovative and disruptive solutions that improve precision agriculture through the use of collaborative technologies and tools for process automation (comprehensive software, implementation of video surveillance systems, autonomous robots for harvesting crops or the use of intelligent and connected sprayers for control of weeds).


Innovative solutions that reduce the environmental impact in agro-industrial processes from the generation of alternative energy in the factory, the use of sustainable materials and the application of processes that promote the reduction of efficiency and the circular economy (reduction of water consumption, cycle control life of agri-food product packaging, investment in new Flow without trays and line adaptations, elimination of paper in different controls by automating the production chain or recirculation of circuits for cooling chambers and tanks).


Innovative service tools, products or devices that automate and improve the efficiency of packaging, stocking, storage, shipping or transport processes for agri-food products (geolocation management of locations in cold rooms and warehouses, digitization in dispatch processes, creation of handling lines with implantation in the control and double verification of formats for Flow-pack, palletizers with sustainable technology in design and feeding or weight control to optimize mass balances and monitoring in real time).


Solutions for the commercialization of agri-food products in the sales, payment, auction, insurance and financial product models (direct trade platforms, marketplaces for agro-industrial materials and services, online market, digital insurance throughout the chain of transformation and internationalization of products).


Innovative solutions that allow comprehensive control of industrial production in the agri-food sector through technological processes and systems that support digital, robotic and collaborative management in the agro-industrial chain (digitization and robotization of processes, performance software for the handling plant, installation of sensors in the factory for data collection, robotization and automation of processes or use of artificial vision sensors to remove the product in poor condition).

What can you achieve as a startup?

Be part of the AgroBankTech Community, the most important innovative ecosystem in the agrotech world.
Individualised mentoring to meet the technological development needs of your startup.
Evolve the technological maturity (TRL) of your project.
Presentation of certified startups to the best clients and companies in the agri-food sector.
Access to financial and investment facilities to scale technological projects.
Other benefits and value-added services for the community.
Possibility of carrying out Proofs of Concept with clients in the sector.
Collaboration with ICEX (Institute for Foreign Trade) to promote and facilitate the national development of foreign companies

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