The world's leading financial information solutions company

Equifax is a global data, analytics, and technology company and believes knowledge drives progress. The company blends unique data, analytics, and technology with a passion for serving customers globally, to create insights that power decisions to move people forward.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Equifax operates or has investments in 24 countries in North America, Central and South America, Europe and the Asia Pacific region. It is a member of Standard & Poor's (S&P) 500® Index, and its common stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the symbol EFX. Equifax employs approximately 11,000 employees worldwide.


Join the next open innovation program promoted by Equifax and Innsomnia, a Fintech accelerator which is a point of reference in Spain, and start working hand in hand with a global data, analytics and technology company.

Join us and grow!


Develop a Proof of Concept at the largest financial information solutions company

Become part of the largest Fintech community in Spain that brings together more than 1.000 startups with more than 3.500 solutions already tested in the market

Access internationalization opportunities. Equifax operates in 24 countries. Furthermore, through Innsomnia, you will be able to access the I International Accelerator Network that will give you access to more than 17 ecosystems, mainly European.

You will have access to specialized training, mentoring, value-added services (such as technology credits or professional advice), etc.

Unique workspaces with special conditions in Madrid and Valencia.

And a long etcetera!

Equifax challenges

Equifax is launching 3 challenges open to the Fintech-startup community for the innovation of new products, services and strategic corporate areas.

They are looking for solutions across five verticals, with the aim of integrating the latest technological innovations into their current business model.


Equifax is looking for any solution, platform, tool, product or service which helps to fight against fraudulent activity and financial crimes. Innovations will also be used to support existing security measures that protect operations, transactions, provide risk assessments and assist with the prevention of money laundering, tax fraud and any associated consequences.

Ultimately, this challenge aims to improve the prevention of risks and to mitigate the threats posed to financial entities, their clients and users.


Equifax is seeking blockchain solutions for the following:

  • Improving the user experience and eliminating friction with the onboarding process
  • Providing security and tracking of contractual processes
  • Document management

(New solutions, automated and efficient processes, alternatives for compliance and requirements of financial institutions and their customers).


Equifax is looking for SME specific solutions that also cater for the needs of freelancers and individuals classed as self-employed, as well as emergent business models.

With this in mind, it aims to identify new opportunities for both SME´s and the freelance community in order to offer value-added services to these stakeholders.

This can be achieved through a platform, tools or products which add information, plan and automate services, facilitate the day-to-day running of this sector, or that can predict needs on a technological level.


By launching this challenge, Equifax aims to find technological solutions in the market that enable the entity to process, analyse, summarize and manage large amounts of data and information in order to increase efficiency and to be able to leverage maximum value.

Given the above, the origin and generation of the data, as well its quality, is essential in allowing Equifax to approach data analysis in an innovative way. Similarly, the aim is to transform this data into predictive models that will help with providing greater customisation of products and associated services to make the best strategic decisions.


Equifax launches this challenge with the aim of acquiring a greater insight and understanding of their clients in order to obtain a graded and defined profile that allows for the personalisation of opportunities tailored to each user. This will help to adjust the offer, categorize and cluster segments, reach new customers and disruptive models, as well as being able to refine, optimize and debug financial risks through alternative sources of information and new credit scoring rules.

This approach intends to address advanced risk management for the acceptance of new credits and financial products and to manage scoring in real-time through “Apification”. The goal is to integrate these tools with the onboarding of the user, guaranteeing that their digital identity results in a suitable Know Your Customer (KYC).