Industry 4.0

The digitization of industry is no longer an alternative to industry..

The 4.0 economy opens up a world of opportunities for business and industry in general. Integrate now digitisation as a strategic priority is already an added value and will be a requirement for organizations that want to grow in the long term.

Innsomnia is specialized in the optimization of resources and industrial processes by means of technology developed by our startup community, and in creating solutions to current problems that the market can't find.

No challenge is impossible with the right technology and equipment. Innsomnia offers its customers and partners the possibility of integrating the 360º digitalization within the company, counting on its team, and seek solutions to specific needs that involve rapid, direct and tangible within the organization.


We have the best technological solutions in the industry.

The Innsomnia ecosystem is composed of more than 700 startups that have solutions tested on the market. A high percentage of our customers integrate these solutions technology in their organizations.


Success cases.

These are the innovation projects we have carried out with the following corporations to help them by the digital transformation to improve their services.

  • GSK (GlaxoSmithKline)
    It launched a challenge in the first edition of the Digitalizadora de Castilla León and finally applied 3 startup solutions. José Luis Parriego, Director of Innovation and Human Resources of the multinational pharmaceutical in Spain, acknowledges that "these options for Innsomniaare, versus that of a large company, 80% cheaper and about 5 times more powerful."
    He applied two challenges in the first edition of La Digitalizadora de Castilla León, one of they solved a global problem of the company. Now find another solution for the whole group. Germán Arias, Site Technical Manager Michelin Valladolid, states after his experience with Innsomnia that “the most important thing for me is not only the specific challenge, butalso open up, meet people in the industrial sense of the word, and to know that we are not alone now, that we have who appeal fall back on everything”.
  • Puertos del Estado
    appointed the UTE KPMG-Innsomnia as the Technical Office in charge to manage the largest call for innovation open to the logistical-port ecosystem.
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At Innsomnia we work on a 360º customizable basis. We are a flexible company that offers services specific on demand.

Innmersión Digital

Digital Immersion

Customized training and access to the largest tool for analyzing sectorial innovation

Plan Estratégico

Strategic Plan

Support in the definition or reinforcement of the digital plan within the organization



Search for talent (startups) and adaptation of the best solution business technology



Design of public aid for the digitalization of the organization


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