We are looking for LegalTech solutions

25 May, 2020

Santalucía, the leading family protection insurance company, is launching a new edition of Santalucía Impulsa in collaboration with Innsomnia and is looking for startups and Legaltech solutions. The challenge, or InsurChallenge, is to find Legaltech applications that provide coverage for the company's areas or products, such as Home, Death and Wealth Management, which improve and optimise operations and also increase the loyalty of the Corporation's clients, both Senior (Silver Economy) and future generations (Millennials, Generation Z, etc.).

This challenge is aimed at finding tools that also facilitate Santalucia's legal and contractual operations, with special focus on Smart Contracts and Artificial Intelligence, Legaltech solutions and their possible applications in the field of resolving sentences, claims, expert reports, wills, travel documents, advice, fraud or asset management.

The deadline for the reception of applications is July 7th, 2020. Candidates can consult the rules and submit their proposals at https://innsomnia.es/es/santalucia.html  or from the Santalucía Impulsa corporate website: https://www.santaluciaimpulsa.es/legaltech/ .